Villaku: Mini Vacation at Kuantan

Eugene’s family invited me back to their place yet again this year, and I had the time of my life.

They rented this place called Villaku on Airbnb (so resourceful) for 3D2N, and it costs RM5000. It’s located really near Kuantan Airport, so it’s really accessible too.

The Villa has a total of 6 rooms, 1 huge living room, a kitchen, a private pool, a nice porch outside, and a lot of facilities like pool, air hockey, and fuse-ball. Those who follow me on my Instagram probably saw my influx of videos on this place and the house tour I did. If you didn’t, click the right arrow.


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This is the full view of the Villa from outdoors.

The private pool was so pretty too.


There’s even a beach right outside the Villa and we did crabbing! Eugene’s dad taught us how but it was my first time so I mainly called for help when I saw a crab. Basically, they put a fish (we bought at the supermarket) through a long stick and shoved it into the sand (in the sea) near to the shore. When the stick vibrates, there’s a crab eating the fish. You just put one finger on the crab so it can’t hide itself in the sand and just pull it out from the waters. They were really small crabs, probably about the size of your little finger.

Eugenes’ cousins even spotted like way bigger crabs and they ran so fast when they were catching it. One of them even escaped once. They even caught a horseshoe crab that I didn’t manage to get a picture of.

Being very kind souls, we released them all in the end.

This was such a well-needed break before the next school term starts. I miss this place already, and his family.

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