Dim Dim Sum: Affordable and Great Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Dim Dim Sum was quite a hard place to spot with all the posters on the windows. It has a cosy interior and was really packed during dinner time. Upon request, they will hand you an English menu (below).

Every table had a jug of chinese tea provided, which was great to wash down all the food. Besides the chinese tea, we also ordered a Cold HK Style Milk Tea (HK$15) because we love Hong Kong’s milk tea, and this was no different. A little pricey for iced milk tea, but worth the try.

We ordered 5 dishes, namely the Siu Mai (HK$29/ 4pc), Steamed Spare Ribs with Pumpkin (HK$20), Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf Wrap (HK$26), Piggy Custard Buns (HK$22/ 3pcs) and the Crispy Rice Flour Rolls with Shrimp (HK$31/ 2 rolls).

A few standouts were the glutinous rice and rice flour rolls. The rice was really fragrant and sticky, with tender chicken cubes inside. Inside the rice flour rolls were crispy fried bits, along with juicy shrimp lined underneath the smooth skin wrap. Paired with the sauce at the side, I never had chee cheong fun like that in Singapore.

Though there is no service charge here, they do charge HK$3 for sitting down in their restaurant (no I’m not kidding we even asked them to double confirm).

Address: 7 Tin Lok Ln, Wan Chai

How to get here?
Causeway Bay MTR Exit F2 (8-minute walk)
Wan Chai MTR (11-minute walk)

Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 12:00 am

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