Ichiran Ramen: A Little Overrated?

We heard that this ramen stall was really good and during peak hours, there are queues that could go up to 1 or more hours. Hence we decided to pay it a visit during our stay in Hong Kong.

Luckily for us, we went to Ichiran Ramen to have lunch at around 2pm and there was no queue at all (which was such a relief because we were starving).

We were welcomed and seated in small individual booths. Placed in front of each booth was different pamphlets that advise first timers how should one customise their bowl of ramen.

An order sheet for you to customise your ramen will be placed on your table. Simply just fill it up and ring a bell in front of you to notify them to collect your sheet.

Even though this restaurant had a really interesting concept, I wondered if it was just distractions from that fact that they were really stingy on the portions meat. I am not exaggerating when I say there were only 2 tiny pieces (about the size of my spoon) of pork within the whole bowl of noodles. However, I have to admit, the noodle had a really good texture and the broth had me salivating. Nonetheless, HK$89 (SG$16) for a bowl of 95% noodles and 5% pork slices, is not worth the 1-hour queue (if there is a queue) at all.

They do provide the options of adding Sliced Pork (HK$22/ 3pcs) in the menu above, only if you’re willing to spend more. We also added a Ramen Egg (HK$14) which tasted like a normal ramen egg but looked like a normal boiled egg.

P.S. They serve ‘delicious’ (as they describe it) water there!

Lockhart House, Block A, 440 Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

How to get here?
Causeway Bay Exit D4 (5-minute walk)

Opening Hours:
24 hours

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