Australia Dairy Company: Tastiest Scrambled Eggs

In Hong Kong, we realised that many cha chan tings and cafes sell a common breakfast item – scrambled eggs with bread, macaroni and ham. At Australia Dairy Company, it’s no different. However, out of all the places we visited, this place served the best scrambled eggs out of all that we tried.

I read many reviews on this place, some saying that the staff was very rude and they would chase you out. When we were there during 8pm, the place had no queue outside but had people constantly walking in. Since it was still packed, we were told to share seats with someone else. Despite that, we weren’t chased out and didn’t feel any hostility from the staff.

We ordered their famous Scrambled Eggs Sandwich 炒蛋多士. The eggs were so light and fluffy, with a really smooth texture to it. I really loved it and I wish we could come back for more, but it’s going to be awhile before I’ll be flying to Hong Kong again.

Price: HK$20/ SG$3.60
Heat: 0/5
Taste: 4/5

Through other reviews, we also saw that their Steamed Milk Pudding was one of their popular items so we ordered the cold one. However, we actually didn’t really like it and couldn’t bring ourselves to finish this dish. It is not at all similar to tau huay, instead it has a very sweet and rich custard taste and texture.

Price: HK$25/ SG$4.50
Heat: 0/5
Taste: 2/5

Overall, I would only be delighted to come back here for their scrambled eggs.

47 Parkes Street, Hong Kong

How to get here?
Jordan Exit C2 (1-minute walk)

Opening Hours:
7.30am – 11pm (closed on Thursday)

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