HOKO Farm: A Relaxing Cafe Spot

During our recent vacation to Hong Kong, Eugene and I decided to have our last breakfast at HOKO Farm as it was just a 2-minute walk from our hotel.

It had a very warm and welcoming exterior, which was probably the reason why we chose this place for breakfast. Literally right in front of this cafe was a bus stop, and even a light rail so it’s really convenient to get here.

There was also a really cosy interior, and the staffs were really welcoming too – helping us to our seats and providing us with an English menu. Despite coming at around 9am, there wasn’t a huge crowd so we didn’t feel pressured to eat and leave quickly.

They also had a wide selection of breakfast food (menu down below) and they all came in sets that came with a cup of hot coffee/ milk tea/ lemon tea/ lemon water.

Eugene and I have a thing for Hong Kong’s milk tea. It simply tastes different, in a good way, from our typical milk tea as it has got this stronger tea taste. My point is, everywhere we went, we would order a cup of milk tea and HOKO Farm was no different.

The Aussie Wagyu Beef Burger Meat, 3.6 Milk Scrambled Egg, Salad with Mini Croissant was really worth it for its price. The burger was very juicy and wasn’t tough, and the tangy tomato sauce on top gave it a good kick. At the side, there were also scrambled eggs that I felt were pretty normal (incomparable to Australia Dairy Company’s scrambled eggs).

Price: HK$61 (SG$11)
Heat: 0/5
Taste: 3.5/5

One of Hong Kong’s typical breakfast sets is this 3.6 Milk Scrambled Egg, Salad with Smoked Ham Fusilli in Soup, Toast. Even though it’s comfort food for the locals, it wasn’t really something I would choose to eat again as the soup had a very typical, plain broth with two slices of ham.

Price: HK$41 (SG$7.50)
Heat: 0/5
Taste: 3/5

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