Sun Kee Chinese Noodles: Instant Cheese Noodles

Our first meal in Hong Kong and this is going to be hard to beat. Sun Kee was quite hard to spot with all the confusing posters outside, so do keep a hard look out for the huge banner.

As we sat down, the staffs handed us a menu that was entirely in the old chinese words (fan ti zi). After a while, they sort of figured out we couldn’t read it so they handed us a menu that had English which was so helpful.

We were there at around 1pm lunch time and they had this set menu where you can get a bowl of noodles and a drink (menu down below). However, you got to top up HK$3 (SG$0.50) for an iced drink.

Their famous Stirred Instant Noodle with Signature Cheesy Sauce and Grilled Pork Neck Meat was such a mouthful, literally. Their creamy, cheese sauce has a bit of nacho cheese flavour in it, and it isn’t gelat at all. The pork was a little tough and fatty, but so tasty. The price of this dish is a little more expensive than what you would expect for a bowl of instant noodles with pork but, it’s worth the try.

Price: HK$47 (+$4 for egg) / SG$9.40
Heat: 0/5
Taste: 4/5

The Spicy Sichuan Style Beef with Egg with Instant Noodles/ Rice was also made of the same instant noodles as the above but this was a drier version. It was quite similar to Singapore’s Mee Goreng but they added their Sichuan sauce which made it more savoury and addictive, but a whole lot spicier. The beef was pretty average and really spicy too.

Price: HK$45 / SG$9
Heat: 4/5
Taste: 3.5/5

Sun Kee Chinese Noodles Menu

3 Burrows St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

How to get here?
Wan Chai MTR Exit A5 (7-minute walk)

Opening Hours:
7.30am – 11pm

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