[CLOSED] Shots & Scoops: A Game of Cones here

A welcoming and charming cafe located on the first floor of Pomo, Shots & Scoops carries handmade desserts ranging from waffles to ice cream, and even cakes.

Loved how we were greeted by a wide range of handcrafted ice cream flavours. On the counter, they have samples of their cone flavours – namely Red Velvet, Chocolate, Buttermilk, Matcha and Charcoal. Have your pick on the ice cream flavours and they will recommend you which cone goes with which flavour best.

One of my favourite combinations was the Black Sesame with Matcha Cone. There were also a few other ice cream combinations that worked out really well, and I loved, like the Raspberry Lychee Rose and Berries Cheesecake.
If you’re looking for something lighter and more refreshing, try their sorbets like the Coconut Sorbet, Strawberry Watermelon Sorbet and their Rockmelon Sorbet (so good).

Price: Single $3.80, Double $7.00, Triple $9.90, Tub $12.50

Looking for something more filling? Pair your favourite ice cream flavours with waffles instead! Their waffles come in the same flavours as their cones, so the flavours are paired the same way too.

We had the Raspberry Lychee Rose with Buttermilk Waffles, followed by Berries Cheesecake with Matcha Waffles, and Valrhona 72% Chocolate with Charcoal Waffles. Personal favourite had to be the Charcoal Waffles, followed by the standard Buttermilk ones. Hot waffles and ice cream, what else is there to say?

Price: Buttermilk $4.00, Others $4.50

That’s not all. They have really special and delicious cakes too!

One of their signatures is the Tropezienne ($4.50) which was somewhat like an elevated doughnut. Sandwiched in between was a sweet cream filling, sprinkled with shaved sugar for that extra crunch.

The next cake is something that isn’t something commonly found in Singapore. The rich, creamy Hojicha Cheesecake ($6.00) really impressed me as the Hojicha taste wasn’t too overwhelming. Go ahead, be daring and try something new.

The last is a well-known combination – the Matcha and Bean Layer Cake ($6.50) was very light and airy green tea cake, with red bean in between. I would go for this any day.

From now till 8 October, flash my Instagram post of this place at @wafflenessa to get 20% off all regular (non-promotional) items here.


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