Hong Kong, PMQ: Super Ulu???

A few weeks back in Hong Kong, we were recommended by a few friends to visit PMQ, which stands for Police Married Quarters. It is supposedly a very hipster cafe spot with a historical background (read about it here). That being the case, we decided to pay this place a visit to try some of their food out.

What we didn’t know, is that this place is literally dead at night. I don’t know if it was because we didn’t do enough research or the fact that no one told us that this place was only happening in the day, but we were shocked when we were at the entrance. There was not a single soul, there were barely any cafes (as there were no shop signs and most of the shops were closed.

Another thing is that you won’t even know which gate is the entrance because the place was so big and had so many gates around it. We were so confused and took a long while trying to find this place.

We walked aimlessly around PMQ for about 15 minutes, trying to find any cafes or restaurant that was opened. Tragically, we only had 2 to choose from – Garden Meow or SOHOFAMA, and we chose the latter.

SOHOFAMA had a very cosy and relaxing vibe as the lighting was very warm and dim. Looking at the menu, we realised that this was a Chinese Restaurant that served food with a modern twist (see menu below).

SOHOFAMA Outdoor Seating AreaThere is an indoor and outdoor dining area.

When you enter, there’s a bar on your left, and then seating areas on your right. The diners here were mainly foreigners (figured from all the accents and faces), and most of them came here for finger food and drinks. This place has a higher price range compared to other cafes in Hong Kong.

As we weren’t very hungry, we ordered 2 dishes to share. One of it was a Chef’s Recommendation – a Slow Cook 48h Natural U.S. Beef Short Rib Slider (2pcs). With a whopping price of $25, we were expecting a big portion and taste amazing.
When this dish arrived at our table, Eugene and I were literally shocked and lost for words because not only was the portion small, but there weren’t even sides or whatever. Just 2 pieces of sliders sandwiched between 2 white steamed buns. Despite that, the beef was very juicy and tender, and we both really liked it. Paying about $13 for a “pao” honestly isn’t really worth the time to travel here and the wait for the food.

SOHOFAMA Slow Cook 48h Natural U.S. Beef Short Rib Slider

Price: HK$138/ SG$25
Heat: 0/5
Taste: 4/5

The other dish we ordered was the U.S. Natural Deep Fried Pork Chop. Once again, this literally came on its own, with nothing to go along with it. Nonetheless, it was one of the best pork chops I’ve ever eaten even though the pork chops were still on the bone.

SOHOFAMA U.S. Natural Deep Fried Pork Chop

Price: HK$58/ SG$10.50
Heat: 0/5
Taste: 4.5/5

To be honest, I think PMQ really isn’t worth the visit at all. It was hard to find as the MTR is quite a distance away, there was nothing to look at at this place, nothing surrounding this place so we couldn’t even pop by somewhere to explore, and the food here is quite expensive.



35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong Island
Staunton / GF / SG12 – SG14

How to get here?
Sheung Wan MTR Exit E1 (9-minute walk)

Opening Hours:
12:00pm – 11:00pm

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