Kenny Rogers: Standard Chicken Place

My friends and I recently visited the Kenny Rogers in the City Square, Johor Bahru, Malaysia outlet as we felt like having western food. It was rather empty when we were there, which was dinner time (around 7pm).

Basically, they are a place that serves chicken (sort of like KFC, Nandos, etc.). You can choose from chicken sets like chicken with spaghetti, or chicken with sides. Their chicken comes in two types – Original and Black Pepper.

Kenny Rogers 1/2 Chicken SetKenny Rogers 1/4 Chicken Set

We got 1/2 Chicken with 3 sides – namely corn salad, tasty rice and coleslaw. The sides were pretty limited, there were no fries or wedges or what so ever. Also, we got the 1/4 Chicken with Cheesy Spaghetti. The chicken was pretty dry and didn’t taste very good either. The spaghetti was tasteless too, so really, don’t expect much. I would say, there are definitely better chicken places out there.

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