Creamery Boutique: Exploding Lava Cookies

If you haven’t been to Creamery Boutique Ice Creams, they are a dessert cafe known for their lava cookies, not lava cakes, that explodes the moment a scoop of ice cream lands on it. All of their cookie sets come with a cookie and a scoop of ice cream that you can choose from.

This cafe has such a warm and cosy interior, giving it a very relaxed vibe. Inside, they have shelves filled with books which you can read, or you just simply bring your own book here to lounge. If you want to avoid the crowd, visit this place before 8pm for your dessert fix.

The Red Devil is sure to impress you with its sweet and savoury combination of red velvet cookie, filled with cream cheese lava. The smell of it alone will make you salivate. This cookie was topped with Matcha Ice Cream, but I recommend you try topping this cookie with chocolate flavoured ice creams like their Kid Cat Ice Cream (one of my favourite ice cream flavours). It tastes similar to a Kit Kat, but better because everything is made from scratch by them.

Red Velvet Cream CheesePrice: $8.90
Taste: 4/5

One of my favourite combos was the Volcano. It is literally named like how it looks as it is a Charcoal cookie and once the ice cream hits it, yellow gooey salted egg lava flows out.  The salted egg yolk really balanced the flavours out as it added a touch of savoury to the whole dessert. This was paired with the Sweet Garden Ice Cream – a floral flavoured ice cream that was fairly light, so as not to make the already heavy dessert even heavier.

VolcanoPrice: $9.90
Taste: 4.5/5

On top of their usual flavours, Creamery Boutique has launched a Christmas menu that I am so excited about because who doesn’t love Christmas-themed desserts?

When you think of Christmas, you immediately see red and green and that’s what Creamery Boutique did to their dessert! A combination of 2 of their existing flavours formed the Red Velvet Matcha cookie. Topped with Apple Crumble Ice Cream, this sweet dessert will send you straight into the festive season.

Price: $8.90
Taste: 3/5

If you’re a whiskey lover, you’re going to dig the next cookie. The Whisky Lava flavour uses the same charcoal cookie, except that the chocolate lava inside has a touch of whiskey. The slightly bitter flavour from the whiskey complimented the overall sweetness of the dessert so well. Finished with a scoop of Berries Cheesecake Ice Cream, this gave sort of a Black Forest feel to the dessert.

Price: $10.90
Taste: 4.5/5

One scoop isn’t enough for your lava cookie experience? Feel free to add scoops of ice cream or just get them ala carte – 1 Scoop for $3.80, 2 Scoops for $6.20, and 3 Scoops for $8.90. If you still can’t get enough of their ice cream, take them away in their cutest takeaway boxes. I’ve never seen take away ice cream in cube boxes like these, they are so creative!

Sweet Garden Ice Cream ShakeFor drinks, I highly recommend you try their Affogato ($5.80) and Ice Cream Shake ($6.90) where you can choose an ice cream flavour of your choice. They have the most unique ice cream flavours like Super Baby Milk (which is our childhood baby milk powder made into ice cream), Salted Egg White (instead of salted egg yolk), Thai Milk Tea in Gelato form (so much easier to eat as it’s lighter) and even Bread Toast (with bread bits inside).


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