Flash Bang 2017: Local Version of ArtBox

We visited Flash Bang on it’s first day in the late afternoon as we were attracted by the fairy and neon lights everywhere. It’s located right outside 313@Somerset, the exit next to Marche, leading to Ben & Jerry’s/ Bedrock.

In short, this place is like ArtBox but the local version. That means prices of the things here are relatively more expensive than what we locals can find usually. On first look of the place, we guessed that Flash Bang was promoting the new GrabPay credits as every shop had a sign that said GrabPay or Nets is allowed at the store.

Also, I don’t know why but they have security checks here which made me feel slightly unwelcomed? Before you enter Flash Bang, there are bag security checks and bigger places like ArtBox didn’t have it, but I guess they have reasons for this. Just letting you guys know!

A bowl of takeaway ramen here costs up to $10, fried carrot cake at $5, and vintage tops up to $20. If you’re not here for the food or for the shopping, there are many other things you can do here like get a face paint or just play some arcade games! They even sell household appliances here like grilling pits, the ones you BBQ on (hope this is what you call it).

What was really cool is that they build a second level too which had more shops. I’m sure the view from up here would be so much more breathtaking if it was at night, with all the lights standing out. I took a quick glance of the prices of everything up there and went back down real quick because everything seemed really overpriced. If you’re walking around, you might notice hammocks for you to chill at and if you want to buy a hammock, the shop is actually located at the second level.

All in all, this place might just be a photogenic place to visit and take some pictures, but just remember to grab a quick bite outside before entering this place because I think you wouldn’t want to spend $10 to $20 on take away food that you have to stand up eating. Yup, there were no seats for you to sit and eat, only tables.

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