Ramen Nagi: DIY Japenese Ramen

Ramen Nagi Front SectionRecently paid a visit to this Japanese Ramen Shop located outside Suntec City. The interiors were so vibrant and gave off a really cheerful vibe. We went around 1pm and this place was packed with the working lunch crowd.


There are two sections in this restaurant, one being the main one you see when you walk in, and the second being at the back of the shop. We were seated in the section at the back, and so it was really hard to get the attention of the staff. Basically, we got refillable Mujicha Teas ($1 for hot/cold) but I had to step to the main area to ask for refills because none of the staff would come into the section I was in.

Ramen Nagi Back Section

We got 3 out of 4 of the flavours they have, but even though they have 4 choices of ramen flavours, they let you customise your ramen the way you want it, just like many of the Japanese Ramen outlets (eg. Keisuke, Ichiran Ramen).

Ramen Nagi Order FormFor the customisation, you can choose the standard things like the richness of soup, texture of noodles, etc. but it was so special how you can even choose the vegetables you want (Green Onion or Cabbage) and even the part of the pork you want (Shoulder or Belly). I personally preferred the belly simply because it was more fragrant, and your usual ramen stores normally serve the slices of shoulder char siew. Why not try something new?

We took the safe route and ordered everything regarding the soup base and noodles to be normal. I loved the texture of the noodles as it was easy to eat and just went well with all the broths.

Of course, we had to order their Original King (Butao), which is their signature tonkotsu pork broth, with shoulder meat. They were really generous with their meat and noodle portions, making it really value for money. This is probably the bowl I would go back for again and again as it’s the basic pork broth ramen I would never get sick of.
Ramen Nagi Original KingPrice: $13.90
Taste: 4/5
Heat: 0/5

One of the most unique flavours of ramen I have ever tried was the Green King (Midorio). It was basically a combination of tonkotsu with fresh basil (hence the colour) and olive oil. Think of pesto but the soup version, with grated parmesan cheese. This had quite a heavy pesto taste which might get quite gelat after awhile, so I recommend this for sharing and not have the whole bowl to yourself. I gotta say though, I really think you should give this a try when you’re there because you’re never going to taste anything like it.Ramen Nagi Green KingPrice: $15.90
Taste: 3.5/5
Heat: 0/5

If you’re a spice lover, try the Red King (Akao) and it’s described as ‘The Ultimate in savoury spiciness’. You’d probably know by now, that the redness of the broth is from a blend of garlic, chilli oil, cayenne pepper and their special nagi spices. On top of the meat you can choose (shoulder or belly), there is also a miso-infused minced pork in this bowl.Ramen Nagi Red KingPrice: $15.90
Taste: 3.5/5
Heat: 3/5

You may also add spice to your ramen with their Butao Homemade Fire Sauce which you can choose from level 0 to 10. They recommended 2 if it’s your first time here. The Red King already came with this spice on a level of 4.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience here, besides the fact that the staff were slightly negligent on the service in the other parts of the restaurant. Will definitely be back with friends to try that Pesto Ramen.

Suntec City Tower 2, North Wing
Singapore 038989 (located outside tower 2)


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