The Peranakan @ Claymore: High Tea Set

The Peranakan has since launched a High Tea set in their outlet at Claymore Connect, with a wide selection of traditional Peranakan favourites that may change regularly. With a warm, homely vibes in the restaurant, it is kept traditional with their display of antiques.


Just some of the highlights of the High Tea sets:

One of the traditional savoury items we all know of it the Kuek (Kueh) Pie Tee. For those who don’t know what this is, it is a thin crispy shell that is filled with thinly sliced radish, vegetables, and a huge prawn on top.The Peranakan Kuek Pie TeeTaste: 3.5/5
Heat: 0/5

I grew up with this around the house every Chinese New Year and The Peranakan’s Prawn Ngoh Hiang did not disappoint. In fact, one of my favourite savoury dishes. The beancurd skin was fried till crisp and wrapped inside was minced pork and prawn.Taste: 4/5
Heat: 0/5

The Mee Siam here comes in the cutest bowl so that the portion will not be too overwhelming. Mee Siam is basically vermicelli in a savoury soup made spicy with chilli paste. This is one of the few dishes to look forward to in this High Tea.Taste: 3/5
Heat: 3/5

The Satay Babi Kong Bak Pau (Pork Satay Braised Buns) was not very impressive but I’ve never had a spicy version before, which made this stand out.
You either love or hate this dish – the Hay Bee Hiam (Spicy Minced Shrimp) Open Sandwich was pretty interesting a combination as usually, hay bee hiam is paired in porridge.
One of my least favourites was the Nasi Ulam, which is cold rice mixed with herbs, spices and salted fish. It was a little strange eating cold fried rice for me, but it might be different for others.

Moving on to desserts, do note that the savoury dishes and desserts are served together (as any high tea set) so you can either eat them at the end or in between your savouries, it’s really up to you.

Who would have thought that Durian could be eaten with Thick Toast? I was so surprised when this worked out so well. Simply take a big scoop of durian and spread it over your toast, or just dip your toast in the durian paste.
The Pulot Enti Kelapa was another unique dish as it was glutinous rice coloured blue with blue pea flowers, topped with coconut and gula melaka syrup.

11am – 5.30pm daily

Weekdays $24/pax
Weekends $28/pax
(Minimum 2 persons to share)

442 Orchard Road
Level 2 Claymore Connect


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