Munch Saladsmith Rotisserie: Munch-Try Salad Place

I’m one of the non-salad lovers but this place really converted me. I can’t have a meal that has no meat and here at Munch Saladsmith, they serve salad bowls with proteins!

Munch Saladsmith Bratwurst

Choose from Proteins like Bratwurst ($9.90), Dory ($10.90), Chicken ($10.90) and Salmon ($11.90) that all come with 3 salad sides. Be warned, the Bratwurst is really really spicy so if you have zero spice tolerance like me, this is a no go. On the other hand, I was really impressed by the Chicken Thigh as even though it looked really dry at a glance, it was actually really juicy and tasty too.

Munch Saladsmith Chicken

If you’re not a meat lover, they also have a Leafy Bowl/Wrap ($9.90) that also comes with 3 salads.

Munch Saladsmith Salad Sides

For the salad sides, they’re all cold sides and have a wide selection of Potato, Tofu Mushroom, Penne, Mushroom, Linguine Aglio, Chunky Eggs, Bell Pepper, Mix Sweet Potato, Quinoa, Broccoli and Chicken Caesar. We tried 7 out of the 11 sides they have and I highly recommend the sweet potato, potato (I’m a potato lover), chunky eggs and bell pepper. The spaghetti options were a little undercooked and bland, while the other vegetables weren’t very impressive.

The winning dish, and also the dish I would come back all the way here for, was their Shroom & Spinach Omelette ($7.90). It was not the fluffy type of omelette, but more like our Singaporean breakfast omelette made healthier with the vegetables. It may look super simple, but pacts a punch.

1 Selegie Rd
Singapore 188306
(Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut)

Munch Saladsmith Menu

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