5 Things to eat at POMO

1) Mr Fish and Chips @ Cafe Wok Inn

Mr. Fish & Chips

This small cafe doesn’t only serve fish and chips but also serves many other dishes like steak, chicken, pan-fried fish, and even stews.

Some of the must-tries are their Beef Stew ($14.90) and the Pan-Fried Barramundi (Black Cod) ($14.90). The beef stew was very rich in flavour and had a generous portion of tender and juicy beef. When we were served the fish, the chef told us that the fish was fresh and brought in the morning itself. You’ll definitely be able to taste the freshness of the fish, and I loved how moist and flaky it was.

Where: POMO #01-20/21

Read more about Mr Fish & Chips here.

2) Munch Saladsmith

Munch Saladsmith

A very interesting salad store concept, where you get to choose a protein first then 3 sides. Choose from proteins like the spicy Bratwurst ($9.90), Dory ($10.90), Chicken ($10.90) and Salmon ($11.90), or if you don’t want any proteins you can just get a Leafy Bowl ($9.90). All prices come with 3 salad sides and all their salad options are cold. I recommend the potato salad, mix sweet potato and chunky eggs.

Apart from salads, they too serve one of the best omelettes I’ve had. They have options like Shroom & Spinach, Honey Chicken, Bacon Lettuce & Tomato ($7.90), but their customer favourite is the Shroom & Spinach – a very flavourful omelette, plus it makes me feel healthy eating it.

Where: POMO #01-K1

Read more about Munch Saladsmith here.

3) M Seven Cafe

With super affordable prices, lunch sets and even student lunch promotions, you have to visit this cafe at least once to try it out. Plus, there won’t be a huge damage to your wallet. Their spaghetti dishes might not be the best tasting ones, but for its price, it’s worth the try. Also, do give their Rostis a try as they were really good!

Where: #01-12 #01-K4

Read more about M Seven Cafe here.

4) Montana

From Cold Crab Truffle Pasta ($21) to Horlicks Bianco Cheesecake ($13), Montana serves many impressive dishes that might burn a hole in your pocket but are worth the try. Few of the should-try dishes were the Jalapeno Mac & Cheese Waffles ($15), which was really unique but I would have requested mine without jalapeno. The Horlicks inspired cheesecake was one of the prettiest plated desserts ever too, and the Horlicks didn’t overpower the cheesecake.

5) Shots & Scoops

One of the best local, handmade ice cream shops I’ve ever been to. Shots & Scoops serves genuine and unique ice cream flavours that are over the top, matched with their different cone flavours like matcha, charcoal, red velvet, and buttermilk. Furthermore, they serve flavoured waffles with their ice cream, and the yummiest cakes I’ve tried – a perfect treat for yourself.

Where: #01-16 #01-K8

Read more about Shots & Scoops here.

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