[CLOSED] 320 Below: Nitrogen Made Ice Cream

Have you ever heard of an ice cream shop that makes your ice cream orders on the spot? 320 Below does exactly that using a process called Nitrogen freezing, whereby they use nitrogen to freeze a mixture into a solid ice cream form – the same nitrogen as those in the Dragon’s Breath snacks at bizarres!

What’s so special about this is that as it’s made on the spot, it prevents over-freezing of ice cream. Some ice creams elsewhere have ice crystals inside and this is due to the refreezing of ice cream. With the nitrogen process, 320 Below’s ice creams are smooth and you’ll never find those annoying bits of ice crystals. This also means they have zero food wastage so, yay for the environment!

Watching them make the ice cream on the spot was just so fascinating. The experts does this process so quickly, they’ll literally whip our your ice cream in less than a minute.

Choose from their wide range of Classic ($4.90) & Premium ($5.80) flavours!

Give the Earl Grey Ice Cream ($4.90) from their Classic range a go if you’re looking for a flavour that is on the lighter side.

From the Premium flavours, I strongly recommend trying their Thai Coconut Ice Cream ($5.80). You’ve probably tried the coconut sorbets at Chatuchak but even the Thais who came here said that 320 Below’s version was better! They use an actual coconut in their mixture, not coconut cream or other coconut by-products, to make their ice cream. This is why you’ll find bits of coconut in every bite, giving it a nice crunch to it.

Find many other flavours like Tiramisu ($5.80) & even Singapore inspired flavours like Chendol ($5.80). I really liked the chendol one too as it had a really good balance and wasn’t gelat at all.

Besides the ice cream, they serve other desserts too like Brownies ($8.90) & Chocolate Lava Cakes ($8.90) that both comes with a scoop of Vanilla & Coconut Ice Cream respectively. I know Chocolate Lava Cake and Thai Coconut Ice Cream may sound like a weird combination but trust me, it works. The refreshing coconut balances out that heavy chocolate from the cake and it was just a perfect dessert!

One KM Mall
11 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437157

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday, 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM

+65 6702 2717

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