Recovery of Eyeliner Embroidery @ Brow Station

If you haven’t read about my Eyeliner Embroidery process, you can do so over here. In this post, I’ll be sharing about my recovery process from start to end.

Day 0 (the day I did the embroidery)

Okay unless you’re like superwoman or whatever, the moment you walk out of the shop, your eyes are going to feel so dry, sore and tiny (because you can’t open them well). My eyelids were so sensitive, I felt soreness when I blinked, let alone sneeze. Thankfully, I could still go on with my day and I even went for a food tasting a few hours later. The only thing was that it hurt when I blinked so I blinked especially careful.

When touching my eyelids, it felt very sore so I wasn’t able to wash my eyes with water because if I do so, wiping my eyes would be too painful for me. Luckily, I had cleansing wipes that I used in place of my usual washing-face-routine.

Every night, I was also instructed to first wash my eyes with eyedrop, followed by applying a scar gel that Vivian gave me with a cotton bud (approximately a sunflower seed size of it).

Day 1

Even though Vivian warned me of this, I was still shocked at how ugly I looked with 2 swelled up eyes when I woke up in the morning. What’s worse was that I had work at noon, so I did what Vivian told me to do if my eyes swelled up – ice it. I got ready for work while icing my eyes and I even brought an ice pack out with me. Yes, I iced my eyes in the MRT and people were staring but whatever, I needed my double eyelids back. Thankfully again, my eyelids restored in an hour or less after I started icing it.

Besides the crisis in the morning, my eyes were still sensitive and sore when I touched it so it pretty much still hurt when I blinked, but way less.

Day 2

Woke up with 2 swollen eyes again, but they were half as bad as the day before’s. I iced them and they went down in 30 to 45 minutes? I could get on with my day as per normal and blinking didn’t hurt anymore, only sneezing did (practically anything that causes you to close your eyes tight shut).

Day 3

Oh my goodness, I had a shock because the ink on my eyelids started to peel off my eyelids. I panicked so I asked Vivian if it was normal and SHE SAID YES PHEW. The ink would start to peel off little by little and she told me not to peel them off but I’m telling you it is the most tempting thing ever to peel them. When they start peeling off, you can literally see them in your vision which is so annoying.



Not the clearest picture ever because I took this selfie to send to Vivian haha


The reason they peel off is that the ink has dried up. The ink that remains on your eyelids may look super light but Vivian assured that they will darken as the days go by. This kinda reminded me of how a henna works.

Also, rejoice because closing your eyes no longer hurts! That means your usual facial routine can come back into place and you can now shower without worrying that water will get into your eyes.

Day 4

The hardened up ink was literally falling out of my eyelids and it was SO ANNOYING to see them in my vision the entire day. However, I only plucked them off if they were detached from my eyelid, basically if there were dangling onto my eyelashes.

Day 5

All the ink has fallen out by now and my eyes are back to normal YAY. I can also see the ink becoming darker compared to the moment they fell off.

Day 6

That is today! Now, I can’t even remember that I have eyeliner embroidery done at times because there is zero pain. I’m so glad I picked up the courage to do this because it’s so worth it now. As usual, if you guys have any questions, please feel free to drop me a DM on Instagram (@wafflenessa).


Prices (April and May Promotion as below):

🎀$288—6d Embroidery
Define stroke.The most natural and similar our own hair.
✅Recover period 7 days avoid product and water.

🎀$288—Misty embroidery
Manual technique, look like make up look.
✅recover period 7 days avoid product and water

🎀$388—Powder mist embroidery
Machine technique , make up powder look.
✅No recover period. Can direct wash face touch water after 4 hours.

🎀$398—6D+misty embroidery
Combine 6d and misty two technique in the same time.The most popular style in Singapore.
✅Recover period 7 days avoid product and water.

🎀$238—Invisible eyeliner
Korea style lash liner, enlarge ur eyes all the time.
✅Recover period 7 days

All price include one touch up and scar cream. Touch up must be after one month and within three months.

Contact Vivian for more information and appointments:
+65 8661 8501


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