Simple Burgers @ myVillage: Super Affordable DIY Burger Concept

myVillage is a shopping mall located in Serangoon Gardens and if you haven’t been there, visiting Simple Burgers is a really good reason for you to head down.

Simple Burgers has taken on the concept of DIY-ing your own burgers as you go down the aisle. Here’s a step by step process of how your order will go!

1) Choose a patty

Firstly, choose a meat patty you would love to go with your burger. There are 4 different choices – Beef, Beef Natural, Chicken & Pork. Out of all the 4, I would say the pork patty was surprisingly my favourite (and many others voted this too). You don’t usually see pork burgers in Singapore but they really nailed this one. The chicken one was somewhat like the McDonald’s McMuffin’s patty but a juicier, fresher and less peppery version of it.


Top Patty – Chicken; Bottom Patty – Pork

The difference between the Beef and the Beef Natural is that the Beef is a regular minced beef patty that has been seasoned whereas the Beef Natural is a better cut of beef (eg. Ribeye) and has no seasoning.

Beef $9
Beef Natural $11
Chicken $8
Pork $9

Any Additional Patty will be at $6 each. Feel free to mix and match (eg. order a beef burger and add a pork patty/ order a chicken patty and add a beef patty).

All these prices include a side of fries too! Super affordable omg?

2) Choose your additional toppings

Here at Simple Burgers, each topping here is an additional $1.

To top up for bacon or eggs is $1 extra.

For the onion topping, they have 2 types of onion – sautéed & deep fried. The sautéed one is like the typical sweet caramelised onions while the fried one is kinda like shredded pieces of onion rings.

The cheese & mushroom topping has the same concept and there is also 2 types of cheese, sliced cheddar & crispy parmesan, and 2 types of mushrooms – sautéed and crispy. However, do note that your burger already comes with a slice of cheddar cheese.

3) Watch your burgers get made

Roll your trays down the aisle and watch your patties and toppings get grilled at the live station in front of you!

On every burger bun, you’ll see a dollop of sauce on your burger and that is the Bacon Jam, a special sauce made only here at Simple Burgers. It is the oddest sounding combination but the most perfect combo ever. It was sweet but yet savoury with the bacon flavours and this jam has so much effort and other ingredients going into it.

Once done, they will place your burgers & fries in a box which you can take and then place them on your tray.

4) DIY vegetable toppings

Here, go wild with the wide vegetable options like lettuce, tomato, onion, capsicum, beet, etc. Feel free to put as much vegetables as you want in your burger but please remember not to waste any food so only take what you eat!

5) Extra sauces

Add ketchup, chilli or mustard into your burgers or for your fries but honestly, your burger doesn’t really need anything more. That bacon jam is all your burger needs.

And that’s it! This is literally the smartest and most affordable burger concept I’ve ever heard of. If you haven’t tried it, you’re really missing out on this.

lrg_dsc09990Feel free to also get some drinks to go along with your meal like their freshly made milkshakes that are made upon order. We tried the Banana, Cocoa and Berry Milkshake and every single one of them was so unique, but I gotta say, the Berry one wins.


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