Tamoya Udon @ Liang Court: New Tonkotsu Specials

Tamoya Udon, a popular udon noodle chain in Asia, has recently launched a new series of Tonkotsu specials. All of the dishes here are handmade on site and the ingredients are imported from Japan, making it so authentic. Made by boiling pork bones for hours, here are the reviews of the new series.

1) Tonkotsu Negi Char Siew Udon

The braised pork belly chunks (char siew) in this dish were braised in a signature soy sauce and marinated till tender, making them so fragrant. They went so well with the springy house-made udon noodles and broth. However, the tonkotsu broth was a little too salty for me but we did give them our feedback.lrg_dsc02055Price: $10.80
Taste: 3.5/5 (would be higher if the soup wasn’t so salty)
Heat: 0/5

2) Oden (with Daikon, Atsu-age, Chikuwa, Tamago, Konnyaku)

In Japan, this is a popular one-pot dish eaten during winter time. This bowl of slow-simmered dashi has many different types of ingredients like tender white radish, deep-fried tofu, Japanese fishcakes, hard boiled eggs (weren’t really impressive) and konnyaku. Definitely a healthier choice among the 3!
lrg_dsc02118Price: $9.80
Taste: 3/5
Heat: 0/5

3) Sanuki Beef Onsen.

Personally my winner of all 3 dishes because of its flavours and it’s also a famous type of udon in Japan. At first, the shoyu broth was savoury but once you mix the beef in, the broth becomes both sweet and savoury – such a perfect combination. The sliced beef was so tender and easy to eat with the udon and broth.lrg_dsc02104
Price: $11.20

Taste: 4.5/5
Heat: 0/5

What’s more, all the prices are inclusive of GST and there is no service charge here too.

177 River Valley Road
Liang Court 1F

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday 11.30am – 9.30pm

6337 0301


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