Pasarbella @ Suntec City: Feast at The Lime Truck, Rollie Olie, Cowboys & Anchors, Cajun on Wheels, and Hou Hou

If you haven’t heard of Pasarbella before, it’s something like Marche where there are many food stalls in one area, except that the stalls are separate vendors that all sell different things.

We went to Pasarbella recently (thank you Suntec City for the invite) and got to try dishes from many of the vendors and here are the reviews of some of the dishes they have.

1) The Lime Truck

Specialising in Mexican food, The Lime Truck has Tacos in 4 flavours – No. 1 Steak Taco ($4.60/pc), Fried Baby Potato Taco ($3.50/pc), Battered Barramundi Taco ($4.60/pc) and Grilled Chicken Taco ($4.30/pc).

I would say that out of all 4, the steak taco and barramundi taco were the more interesting ones. For example, the fried wanton skins on the steak taco really added an extra crunch to each bite and gave it a local twist.

I would recommend the Tostada Salad Bowl with Stir-fry Mushroom ($9.90) to be for sharing as it was pretty huge. Really liked the crispy salad bowl which went well with the guacamole, mixed greens and edamame.
Pasarbella The Lime Truck Tostada Salad Bowl

Lastly, The Lime Truck Rice Bowl with Braised Pork Belly ($9.90) was a healthier option as it was served with green rice, miso pickle, red radish, furikake, edamame and pickled vegetables. It was also topped with the fried wanton skins for added texture.
Pasarbella The Lime Truck Rice Bowl with Braised Pork Belly

Overall ratings:
Taste: 3/5

2) Rollie Olie

A new item on the menu, the Mentaiko Aburi Bowl ($9.80) had a crispy white fish on a bed of rice, tamago cucumber, pickled daikon and spring onions. On top, was a generous layer of mentaiko mayo that was actually really flavourful if it wasn’t so salty.
Pasarbella Rollie Olie Mentaiko Aburi Bowl

What I would come back for was the Caterpillar Ala Carte Full Roll ($12.95) which had crab meat, cucumber and jicama wrapped inside and avocado laid on top of it. Sprinkled with sesame seeds and finished with eel sauce, it was a great combination.
Pasarbella Rollie Olie Caterpillar Ala Carte Full Roll

Overall ratings:
Taste: 4/5

3) Cowboys & Anchors

This western stall served pretty good steaks like the Ribeye Steak with Truffle Compound Butter. The prices are by the weight of the steak you choose and will be grilled upon order. Choose from sides like green salad, onion rings and mash potatoes. The truffle butter didn’t have a very strong truffle taste which might be good for those who don’t really like that strong truffle smell.

The Signature Fettuccine Carbonara ($13) is something that I would recommend as the pastas are actually homemade and the carbonara sauce was really rich and creamy, the way I like my carbonara to be. Topped with generous portions of bacon and onsen egg, I recommend this dish to those who are visiting Pasarbella.
Cowboys & Anchors Signature Fettuccine Carbonara

Overall ratings:
Taste: 4/5

4) Cajun on Wheels

This stall is a seafood chain taking on the concept of a gourmet food truck and has even came up with Ramadan Specials!

Pasarbella Cajun on Wheels

The BBQ Chicken Wings (10pcs) had such a good marinate on them and if only they weren’t spicy, I would have downed the whole bucket within minutes because of how good they were.

For sharing, the Oh Crab with Cajun Cheese Sauce came in 2 options – 600gm ($38) or 800gm ($50) of Sri Lanka Crab with sides of corn, potatoes and chicken spam.
Pasarbella Cajun on Wheels Oh Crab

The Flexing Mussels with Sambal Chilli Egg Sauce would have your mouth watering the moment it’s served to you. As it was spicy, I didn’t have much of it but it would be a hot favourite among the chilli lovers!
Pasarbella Cajun on Wheels Flexing Mussels

Lastly, of course, who doesn’t love fries?? The Loaded Fries with Cajun Cheese Sauce is a perfect dish for sharing but be warned, it was really spicy (for me).
Pasarbella Cajun on Wheels Loaded Fries

Overall ratings:
Taste: 4/5

5) Hou Hou

Hou Hou serves Asian fusion rice bowls and meat platters at affordable prices.

Slices of beef and whole mushrooms lined at the side, with a perfect onsen egg in the centre, the Truffle Short Rib Beef Bowl ($14.90) is a dream come true for truffle lovers. It was added a local twist by adding shaved fried garlic for a kick in flavours.

The winning dish hands down went to the Iberico Char Siew Bowl ($9.90). The pork was so fatty and juicy, I really don’t know how did they manage to pack so much flavour into one slice of pork.

A healthier option, the Braised Soy Chicken Bowl ($9.90) [LEFT] consisted of a chicken thigh, braised beancurd, egg, mushroom and finished with a special gravy. The Salmon Rice Bowl (new dish) [RIGHT] here was actually a bowl I really liked too but I wished they gave more salmon because it was so good and not overcooked at all.

Overall ratings:
Taste: 4/5

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