What to do in Malacca’s Jonker Street

1)  MAMEE Museum at Jonker Street

This has got to be the top of my list. Just a few days ago, we visited Malacca with Eugene’s family. My friend, Tammie, told me to visit this place, and so I brought the kids to this place because it sounded really cool.

It is situated along Jonker Street and honestly you won’t miss it with the huge MAMEE sign sticking out from the yellow coloured building.

Once you enter, you’ll see a food kiosk in front of you and merchandise being sold on the left of the store. Go straight to the counter selling the merchandises and ask for a DIY/ customisable MAMEE cup (RM5.20/SGD1.73). There was a promotion ongoing – for every RM20 spent in one receipt, you’ll be entitled free entry to the MAMEE Museum (RTP RM5).

After purchasing your empty cups, you’ll be directed to the second level to do your customising. Use Sharpie markers to colour it in the way you would like.


The next part was the coolest! You get to choose 4 ingredients to put in your very own MAMEE. There was corn, cabbage, green onions, chilli and peas to choose from. Following that, you get to press a button that helps seal the top of your MAMEE cup and then watch them vacuum seal your cup noodle.

You can then proceed back downstairs and into the small MAMEE Museum. They displayed many of their products like old and new MAMEE packagings, the history of MAMEE and even a signed MAMEE jersey by Manchester United.


2) Calligraphy at Jonker Street

Just a few shops down, this Caligraphy shop is owned by a lady who is handicapped. Despite her disabilities, she has 25 years of experience in calligraphy and has been in this shop for 10 years. Originally from China, she moved to Malaysia after marrying her husband, who is a Malaysian.

You can ask her for any type of calligraphy. For example, I only knew my grandparents’ surnames so she wrote a short poem for them which cost RM30 each.


Eugene’s aunts both got a calligraphy for their family of 4. They gave the lady the Chinese names of all 4 family members and she crafted a beautiful poem while inserting all of their names in the poem. It was really beautiful. After writing each poem, she would explain the meaning of them. She let us take pictures and even videos of her explaining the meanings because we all had such poor memory. Do support her if you ever go to Jonker Street!

3) Night Market at Jonker Street

Food, food, and more food fill the whole street. This night market only happens on weekends and hence the crowd. The walking space is really narrow so try not to bring so many things, or else you’ll be banging into people every now and then. There are also sitting areas for you to eat but beware of the heat.

Find eats Smelly Tofu (Chou Tofu), Thai BBQ pork, Mango Drinks, Twisted Potato, Durian Ice Cream, Shaved Ice, Pancakes, Fried Chicken Butt, Quail Eggs, Long Fries, BBQ Seafood, Local Biscuits, and many more.

Further down the street, there are stalls selling hair accessories, clothes, socks, games, temporary tattoos, household items, etc at really good prices. I got 2 head massagers for RM5/SGD1.60, cute graphic shirts for RM10/SGD3.33. Eugene’s cousins bought 2 decks of pokemon cards for RM12/SGD4 and monopoly deal (some weird hong kong edition) for RM12.90/SGD4.30. His aunt also got a really pretty henna there at RM15/SGD5. The calligraphy lady also had a stall at the night market which was so underrated.

4) Jonker Street in the Day

There are actually also a lot of shops open in the day. Cafes, apparel shops, souvenir shops are all open for business and you can get to shop in comfort (compared to the night market). However, the prices in these shops are a little more expensive. I got 2 dresses for RM75/SGD25 which was quite pricey but I really liked it so I got it. Plus, they even have “Jonker Street” tags on them, coool.

Jonker Street Night Market
Jalan Hang Jebat
75200 Malacca, Malaysia

Opening Hours:
Friday to Sunday, 6PM – Late


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