Creamery Boutique Ice Cream: National Day Special Chilli Crab and Ondeh Ondeh Cookies

Okay so I’m pretty sure many of you know of Creamery Boutique by now but for those who don’t, you can read about them here.

This post is going to be all about their national day creations – the Chilli Crab and Ondeh Ondeh Lava Cookie.

The Ondeh Ondeh Lava Cookie definitely had a familiar taste as it was a pandan cookie and once the ice cream hit it, melted gula melaka flowed out of it. It was so fragrant and warm, perfect with the ice cream. This combination was just so nostalgic and you just have to try it to believe how good it was.

Price: $8.90
Taste: 4/5

The next one is the one you’d be surprised by. After many tries with different types of chillis, the owner of Creamery Boutique settled with this Chilli Crab Lava Cookie. Yes, chilli in a cookie. Honestly, this savoury cookie was really an acquired taste but if you’re daring, you can give this a go. I really have to give it to them for risking it and coming out with this dish for our national day. Though not to my liking, some of you may really like this sweet and spicy combination, who knows?

Price: $10.90
Taste: 2/5
Heat: 2/5

139 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207557

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