Hana Restaurant x The Benjamins: Instagrammable Food, Drinks and Desserts

Hana Restaurant has always been famous for their Instagram-worthy food like the flying noodles. Once again, they have impressed as the food taste as good as it looks. If you are dining at Hana, feel free to order anything from The Benjamins and they will serve it to you.

Hana Restaurant – Mains

A best seller here is the Raclette Cheese Maki and I certainly know why. The tempura maki would be served to you with a raclette cheese that is melted in front of you and they are so generous with the cheese (compared to many other raclette cheese places). Have this hot as the cheese is best when it is still flowy!

Price: $25
Taste: 5/5
Heat: 0/5

Dine like a king with the Japanese Dim Sum. A Kurobuta Mala Pork Bao ($12/ 3pcs), Salted Egg Unagi Bao ($12/ 3pcs), Unagi Lotus Rice ($18) will be served in a bamboo steamer and will literally have steam flowing out of it (using dry ice). Super insta-worthy! Be warned though, the mala bao was extremely spicy (like 5/5) and the salted bao was spicy too (like 4/5).  However, they are definitely worth the try because honestly have you heard of a mala bao or a salted egg unagi bao?

The Japanese Waterfall Mentaiko Cheese Pizza had the longest cheese pull I have ever seen. It might look really jelak, but this Japanese concept pizza had a combination of different cheese, mentaiko and seafood. I definitely recommend this for sharing and is a really good food for drinking too.

Price: $30
Taste: 3.5/5
Heat: 0/5

Heard of the beer noodle trend? Well, Hana is definitely winning in terms of taste and presentation. The Beer Somen was not only made for the novelty of it, but the dashi broth had beer in it. The broth coated the thin somen noodles and was easy to slurp down. Served with an Asahi beer and karaage chicken, I highly recommend you to try this while you’re there.

Price: $25
Taste: 4/5
Heat: 0/5

Hana Restaurant – Desserts

When they brought this dish out, I legitimately thought that they were going to serve corn but wow it was actually Japanese Beancurd Corn. It was an original and chocolate flavoured beancurd in the shape of a corn. A very refreshing option!photo6298661641318934544Price: $12
Taste: 3/5

I love cheesecakes and the one here at Hana definitely stood out as usual. The Liquid Cheese Cake with Boba had a crunchy crust and super luscious cheese. The boba was a little weird though, I would have ordered it without the boba but for the trend.photo6298646776437123166Price: $12
Taste: 3.5/5

Hana Restaurant – Desserts

Even the drinks are super impressive here. The Charcoal “Beer” was kind of like a sweet drink which had dry ice in it and when poured from the jug into the mug, the dry ice floated above the drink, making it look like a beer.
Price: $18
Taste: 3.5/5

The Benjamins – Desserts

These fluffy Waterfall Pancakes were one of the best pancakes I have had. They were so moist and best when hot, and topped with cream. They came in 3 flavours – fairy pebble, lemon and bubble, but the lemon was my favourite. However, if you’re going more for the flavours, just get their pancakes plain with simple maple syrup and they are going to be bomb.

Price: $16
Taste: 3.5/5

The Benjamins – Drinks

Hoping on the ‘zang zang’ trend in Singapore, The Benjamins have created the Marble Lattes. The drinks will be poured into your cups and you can watch it overflow. Get messy by drinking straight from the cup. There are 3 flavours – Black Sesame, Mocha and Almond. The black sesame one reminded me of a liquid version of sesame paste, and the almond one tasted like almond milk. I recommend you to try the sesame one if you can’t choose.

Price: $5.90
Taste: 3.5/5 (sesame), 3/5 (almond and mocha)

Forum The Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road
Singapore 238884

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