Nayuki: Popular Cheese Tea and Bakery Cafe opens at Vivocity

Was so glad to be at the pre-opening of Nayuki, a cafe selling teas and bread that are not only visually appealing but also very appetising.

We are proud to have Nayuki open their first overseas outlet right here in Singapore! They are definitely riding on the bubble tea trend right now and is one not to miss.

Their signature drinks include the Supreme Cheese Strawberry Tea, Alisan Mountain Dew Tea, and Supreme Orange Fresh Fruit Tea.

lrg_dsc09911-1They too sell bottled teas here.

They have a wide range of bread creations that you can pair with your tea!

One of their signatures is this Strawberry Fresh Cream Bread which was really soft and fluffy, with a light strawberry flavoured cream filling.


Or, if you are a chocolate flavour, you might want to try this Oreo Chocolate Fresh Cream Bread.


1 Harbourfront Walk

Opening Hours:

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