Featherstone Bistro Café @ Bangkok: Gorgeous interiors and Great food

Featherstone is one cafe you have to visit when you’re visiting Bangkok. It was quite a distance away from the nearest BTS and so we took a grab there. The exterior certainly impressed us and was so inviting.

This cafe called for many photo ops, especially the interiors. We came for brunch around 11am and it was still quite empty, so we got to get a few great shots inside before the crowd came in at lunch time.

There are 2 drinks we would recommend you to try. If you need to start your mornings with coffee, you should try the Ceresia Single Origin Drip Coffee. For those who haven’t seen this concept before, the coffee is basically served to you in the form of ice cubes which will melt slowly after you pour the cold milk into the cup. You may also customise your sugar level however you prefer. We choose the brown sugar syrup over the white one.lrg_dsc00719Price: THB160/ S$6.70
Taste: 4/5

The other drink we really liked was their Sparkling Apothecary series. It came in 4 flavours – Garden (Lavender), Mermaid (Orange), Peach Pie Moonshine (Peach), and Purple Lullaby (Grape and Cherry). I had the Lavender one and it was served with flowers and fruits frozen into ice cubes, a lavender syrup, and soda. The soda was sugar-free so the way to customise the sugar level of the drink was with the lavender syrup which was really fragrant. I could smell lavender in there and this was a really light and refreshing option.
Price: THB160/ S$6.70
Taste: 4/5

Moving on to food items, I never thought I would eat chicken skin and enjoy it as much as the one I had there. The Fried Chicken Skin was seasoned and fried till crisp, and laid on a bed of chunky, homemade mash potatoes. Remember to eat this while it’s hot as when it cools, the chicken skin will start to become soggy and not crispy anymore (which was what happened to ours).
Price: THB195/ S$8.13
Taste: 4/5
Heat: 0/5

We also got their thin crusted pizza to share and I loved how crunchy the crust was and how cheesy the pizza was too. The Egg Bacon Cheese Pizza was basically made up of what it’s called and the yolk slices were my favourite!
Price: THB290/ S$$12.08
Taste: 4/5
Heat: 0/5

Ending off the meal with a dessert is mandatory and we tried their recommendation – Tiramisu. We could taste the coffee between the layers and the cafe was moist and fluffy, but there was abit too much cream for our liking.
Price: THB220/ S$$9.17
Taste: 3/5

60 Ekamai 12 (Soi Jaroenjai) Klongton Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday 10:30am – 10:00pm
Closed on Tuesdays


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