Jamie’s Italian @ Taipei, Taiwan: Taiwanese-inspired Signature dishes like Chilli Pizza, Burger, etc.

When we were in Taiwan, we got to visit Jamie’s Italian which was located very nearby Taipei 101. The Xinyi outlet was located in the mall Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei A11 on the 3rd floor, so you can drop by after shopping or while you’re visiting Taipei 101!

I liked how welcoming their restaurant looked with its warm colours and bright lights. Right next to the entrance, there was even a kid’s corner.


Started off our lunch with 2 appetisers and you should try them both if you’re a seafood lover. The lemon & creamy mustard dressing on the Tuna Tartare (NT$388/ S$17.60) (left) did not overpower the taste of the soft, mild flavoured tuna. They even put potatoes in the tartare for a different texture.

The Crab & Avocado Bruschetta (NT$388/ S$17.60) (right) had an interesting twist to it as they sprinkled chili powder on top. There was smashed avo on the toast and fresh crab, and with a little bit of lemon, it was a real refreshing option. Really appetising too!


On their menu, they have dishes that are only available in Taiwan so if you’re here, you have to try those!

One of those was The Taipei Burger (NT$468/ S$21.30) which had actual slices of red chili on top. It was a really unique dish as the spice was not just from the chili but in the patty too. Plus, I gotta say I really loved the skinny fries. What’s a burger without good fries at the side?

The other one that really wow-ed us was this Taiwan Hot Pizza (NT$508/ S$23.10). This might look like death to you because of the amount of chilli on top but to our surprise, it wasn’t very spicy! The chilli bits actually added texture to the pizza as they were really crunchy, and there was also minced pork on it.

Other mains that we tried was the Spaghetti & Meatballs (NT$448/ S$20.40) and I particularly liked the pork meatballs. They were huge, seasoned perfectly and was not tough at all. In fact, I think it’s one of the best meatballs I’ve ever tasted.

When this was served on our table, we were shocked as it was huge! The Veal Parmigiano (NT$1548/ S$70.40) was indeed impressive with it’s herb crust. I’ve actually never had lamb fried before but they managed to keep moisture in the lamb despite deep frying it. It was then topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese & cherry tomatoes. Highly recommended for sharing between 4-5 people.

Ended off our very filling meal on a sweet note. The creamy layers of the Tiramisu had a distinct coffee taste, and the chocolate shavings on top gave it a crunchy mouthful.

Jamie’s Italian Xinyi
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei A11
3F, No.11, Songshou Rd.
Xinyi Dist., Taipei, Taiwan

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 11am – 930pm
Friday to Saturday 11am – 10pm
Sunday 11am – 930pm

Booking & General Enquiries: (02) 8780 2050