Hotel Review 2019 @ The Gaia Hotel Taipei, Taiwan: A hotel in Beitou that should be on your next staycation itinerary

The Gaia Hotel, a hidden gem located at Beitou Station, was hands down our favourite hotel during our recent visit to Taipei. This luxurious hotel had a very beautiful nature theme, as it was located at a prime hot spring area. The word “Gaia” originates from a Greek goddess of earth and symbolises fertility, harvest, and prosperity.

Even though it is not located near any popular areas in Taipei, I can assure you that you will not regret planning at least a 2D1N trip here. As it is far from the city, you’ll feel very relaxed so just let this hotel take care of you.

They even provide free shuttle bus back and forth between Beitou MRT Station, XinBeitou MRT Station and the Hotel! You just have to check out the shuttle bus timings as they usually come in one-hour intervals.

What I loved most about this hotel was how much detail they put into the little things. Their main area, the Library, carried books that were handpicked by the owner. This library is not only an Instagrammable waiting area but an actual library as you can borrow any of the books in here. You just have to let the lobby know which book you are borrowing and your room number.

Our Room – The Fenglin Room

They have many lovely rooms here that give you different experiences. We stayed in the Fenglin Room and once we entered the room, we were in awe of how big and luxurious it was. The bed was huge and they provided us so many pillows which I adore because I can choose which one I prefer.

The room was really spacious. There were even 2 chairs, a television and a huge space to open your luggages. Not only did they provide tv channels for you to watch, but even free movies. Yes, even though the television will display the price for the movies to be NT$500 each, The Gaia Hotel actually lets you watch these movies for free. So kick back and relax on your comfortable bed, and binge watch some movies.

Right next to the dresser was the minibar which was not mini at all as they provided so many foc snacks and drinks! They provided Twining Tea Bags and a Capsule Coffee Machine, plus snacks and cookies in the drawers. In the fridge, there were cold juices, sparkling water and fiji water which was so thirst-quenching in the hot weather.

Behind the huge mirror was the bathroom, which I was looking forward to. The moment I stepped inside, I already felt so pampered. The toilet seat had a bidet, and there was a shower place and a hot spring area. Even at the basin area, there was a fur carpet and honestly, it’s the little things. Also, did I mention that the bathroom supplies are Hermes Bath Amenities?

There were 2 taps in the tub, one for the hot white sulfur from the hot spring and one cool temperature water. It was just so relaxing to soak in here.

What to do during your stay

Stay in the vicinity and enjoy the nature around you. There are many sights to see that are within walking distance from The Gaia Hotel too. We went to 3 places – Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch (Beitou Library), Beitou Park which was right in front of the library and Beitou Geothermal Valley (Hell Valley). The library & the park was only a few steps away from the hotel, probably a 3-5min walk. In the library, we admired how it was made of wood. We also saw many people reading and studying there.

Here are some shots of the library

and the Beitou Park

I highly recommend you to visit the Hell Valley even though it was about a 15min walk there. I was in awe of how amazing it looked, as the whole valley was literally steaming hot. You could see the steam floating on the surface of the water, it was just so amazing. People actually used to cook eggs here too, but were stopped.

Click here for details on all the places nearby.

Things to do in the hotel

If you’re looking to just stay in the hotel, there are tons of things to do here too. Besides the free movies and the hot spring tub in your rooms, they have 2 pools, a gym, a spa area, and a public hot spring area for you to experience too.

There are different packages provided at the spa if you’re interested to unwind. This was the open concept room in the spa, but there are also couple rooms or more private rooms inside.

As for the pools, one of it was for jacuzzis or massages and the other was a normal pool. The swimming pool was overlooking a beautiful nature view. You can even come for a night swim.

Breakfast Buffet

A semi breakfast buffet awaits you the next morning. It is held at Piacere Restaurant located at level 2, where you will be seated by the lovely staff.

Once you’re settled down, you will be given a menu to choose a set menu and a drink to go along with your breakfast. We got to choose between eggs and oyako don, and we both decided to go with Omelette Egg and Scrambled Egg. For drinks, we chose champagne and a latte.

You can then proceed to take a look at the buffet items they have.

They had a diy porridge station, cereal, fruits, salad, yogurt, baked sweet potato, bread, drinks station and many more.

Interested in more?

During our stay in The Gaia Hotel, we also went to Piacere Restaurant for an afternoon tea session & Qiyan One Chinese Restaurant for dinner. Check out the upcoming post to read about the tea session we had and another upcoming one about our luxurious dinner experience.

No. 1, Qiyan Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City

Check-in time: 3pm
Check-out time: 11am

Tel: (02) 5551-8888

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