Chun Shui Tang @ Taichung, Taiwan: The Original Bubble Tea Store that serves both food and drinks

It was my first visit to Taiwan this August and so, of course, I had to drink lots of bubble tea. I heard a lot about Chun Shui Tang and how it is the creator of bubble tea store, so I had to go try it! Since we were in Taichung, we had to go to their very first outlet, the birthplace of Pearl Milk Tea.

Their outlet might look small, but the store was actually huge. There were 2 levels, and when we went during dinner time, it was packed. People were even queuing for to-gos. This is what the first level looks like:

We were seated at the basement floor which had a lot of seats (and a clean washroom too). There was even a ‘Chop Station’ for you to chop something to prove that you’ve been to the original outlet. They also had some of their merchandise on display here too.


All the drinks at Chun Shui Tang come in 2 sizes, Small or Medium and Iced or Hot options.

Of course, the first thing we had to try was the Iced Pearl Milk Tea (NT$70/ S$3.20) in small size and we really enjoyed it. It tasted different from the usual milk teas we have in Singapore as the milk was lighter & had a fresher taste. The pearls were smaller than the ones we’re used to in Singapore, but I actually grew to like the size of it as it was easier to chew.

For a more refreshing option, you can also opt for the Lemon Jasmine Tea, which was sour and very thirst quenching.


While you are here, you can have mains here too like the Kung-Fu Noodles (NT$80/ S$3.60), and Braised Beef Noodle Soup (NT$180/ S$8.20).

I enjoyed the lightly tossed noodles in their special sauce. Even the meat & mushrooms were so fragrant, and the beansprouts added a crunch to it.

For something comforting, the soup option was really nice and thick. The soup had a very strong beef taste, and was a lil spicy for an extra flavour. The noodles were nice and thin, and the beef was very tender. Highly recommend for you to try these 2 noodle dishes!

The smooth Signature Braised Beancurd was soooo spicy! It definitely had a kick to it so you must be able to handle your spice well for this dish.


We also snacked on the Red Bean Bread (NT$75/ S$3.40) and the texture was very unusual. Since it was called a ‘bread’, we were expecting a fluffy inside but to our (good) surprise, it was chewy. Kind of like a muah chee, but with a crisp skin on the outside and sweet red beans within.

If you love taro and custard like me, you would also love the Taro with Egg Custard Ball (NT$75/ S$3.40). This was easily my favourite dessert in the whole of Taiwan. I could literally pop these in my mouth continuously if they weren’t so filling and my appetite wasn’t so small. The taro balls had a crispy bite to it and a smooth interior, with egg custard in the centre of it all. The sweetness from the taro went really well with the saltiness from the custard, I can’t even describe how good this was.

Overall, my experience here was great and you have to visit Chun Shui Tang when you are in Taiwan. They have so many outlets so you can find the one nearest to you! PS. their menus are different in Taipei and Taichung. I really hope they will open a franchise in Singapore soon as the bubble tea craze here is still going!

No. 30號, Siwei Street, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403

Opening hours:
8am – 10pm

Tel: +886 4 2229 7991 


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