Leftose Lozenges: Fast Remedy for Sore Throat & Phlegm

I hate it when I get a sore throat as eating would be such a pain. Luckily, Leftose Lozenges is a 2-in-1 formula that helps promote throat comfort & supports clear airways. They have been around for the last four decades for its natural and non-drowsy remedy.
It is made of Lysozyme, a natural enzyme found in the human body (in breast milk, saliva, tears). It helps dissolve nasty phlegm and relieve sore throat too. Lysozyme is actually derived from hen egg white and it takes 10,000 eggs to extract 1kg of Lysozyme!
They come in 2 flavours, Honey Lemon & Blackcurrent, and are sugar-free.
Stress snacking on potato chips and other indulgent snacks is less of a worry now with Leftose lozenges providing soothing relief to my sore throat. The small packaging also makes it so easy to bring it along whenever I need it!

Find the Honey Lemon lozenges at retail pharmacies like Guardian & Watsons, and the Blackcurrent flavour is available exclusively in clinics.

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