Do you pay attention to your busts?

I was really happy with my results at Tokyo Bust Express during my previous session with them which you can read about here, so I was really excited to visit them again! This time, I did the Bust Serenity treatment which consists of:

  • Scrub
  • Suction
  • Massage
  • Mask

Before starting the treatment, they will have a consultation with you where they will ask what your bust concerns are, and what are your goals for your busts.

They will start with a scrub to prep your busts for the treatment and then do a suction using a suction machine on your busts.

The massage is actually my favourite part of the treatment, where they will really massage all the toxins trapped at your underarm area as well as your busts. I remember during my first time, the massage was very sore but at my second time, it was a lot less. Many people don’t know that there are toxins trapped in that area, so it is good to get them out.

Lastly, they will end off with a plastic wrap mask to seal in all the products.

Some of us might not pay much attention to our busts as compared to the other parts of our body, but bust care is also equally important. If you are also looking for non-invasive methods to increase the size of your busts, you can visit their stores and consult them. They explained to me how through massaging, you can increase the sizes and health of your busts as well.

If you want to give this treatment a try, you can do so for free when you quote my code <Serenity: Vanessa>.

Their outlets are located at:

  • Nex Mall
  • Paya Lebar Square
  • Novena Square 2
  • Regency House
  • Vision Exchange

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