I tried a new treatment at Bottom Slim

I ended of 2020 with a session at Bottom Slim, focusing on my problem area, my thighs. I did the Slim Lit treatment, which took a little over one hour in total.

Here’s what is in the Slim Lit treatment:

  • E-Matrix – Detoxing (20mins)
  • 50K – Break down the inner layer fats, Firming (20mins)
  • Body Vibration Exercise – Burn Calories, Improve Blood Circulation (15mins)
  • Wrap – Shaping, Sculpting (15mins)

Before starting your session, they will ask which problem area you would like to address. You can choose to target tummy fat, or different parts of your thighs like inner, in front or below.

Starting off with the 50k, they applied a cold gel and used a machine to massage at my thigh area. The machine gave off a high pitched sound which will be louder on the areas which were fattier. Overall, it was a very comfortable massage for both my thighs.


For the detoxing, they will strap a machine to your tummy and thighs which emitted a red light during the treatment.


While lying down on the bed, they will then use a machine to do a body vibration exercise for you. It is placed below your legs and it will shake vigorously for 15 minutes, allowing you to burn calories and improve blood circulation. There are a few intensity ‘shaking’ levels which they will set based on your comfortability, but I chose the highest intensity because I wanted to burn more calories haha!

Lastly, they will wrap your problem area with a plastic wrap, just to seal in all the products.

The whole entire treatment was painless and non-invasive, which they pride themselves in. If you guys want to try this treatment for free, just head down to any of their outlets and quote my code <SlimLit: Vanessa>.

Their outlets are located at:

  • Nex Mall
  • Jcube
  • Paya Lebar Quarters
  • Tong Building
  • Novena Square 2

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