My New Bedroom: How I optimised space and turned it into an IG worthy room

Recently, my whole home was renovated and I talked about it here. This is part 2 of the renovation process for my room!

I designed my wardrobe to optimise the most space (my drawing below). I have a lot of dresses, both maxi and midi, which I flushed on the left. On the right, I measured it to fit my mini dresses, rompers, outerwear and tops. I also wanted drawers for more storage compartments to store my undergarments, active wear and bottoms. It still isn’t enough to store all my bottoms so I have a separate Ikea cabinet for those. Also, I build the top jewellery shelf with the idea of the ones I saw from Ikea, but it didn’t turn out to the way I wanted it to be. I measured it too deep, so now I use it to keep my socks instead.

Here is the final look of my wardrobe!

  • Things to look out for: If you have long nails like me, build drawers with the holes for easier opening.
    I pictured my wardrobe drawers to be like the ones I drew in my design, those with the holes on top so it would be easy for me to pull out. However, the ones that came were the normal type drawers and is harder to pull out, especially if you have long nails like me.

For my wardrobe’s laminates we chose laminates from Lamitak. I chose the Designer White, which is a matte white colour for my doors. And for the frames, with the help from my ID, Matt Hoffman Elm (because I had such a hard time visualising which colour match my room’s theme). The colours on their website is not accurate to how it looks in real life so I strongly recommend you go down to their showroom to see it for yourself. Since we decided on our flooring first, we even brought the sample tiles a long with us so we could visualise the colours better. Again, the white laminates does have a lot of fingerprints now so I do not advise to choose white if you can.

Before the renovation, I was sleeping on a single bed but I wanted to upsize to a queen. Even though it did mean my room would have lesser walking space, I have no regrets! Since I knew the queen would occupy more space, I wanted to get a bed frame that had storage underneath so that I could store things inside. I decided on the Dalttone Faux Leather Storage Bed in the colour Porcelain White from Forty Two. I was quite afraid to get it because they don’t have a real life picture to reference to, but I took the risk because I really liked the design of it. The inner storage area was the perfect height for me to store my big luggage (yes, I measured). I liked the hydraulic system too because I knew there wouldn’t be space if I got those with the pull out drawers at the side. It also had a headboard which I wanted to lean on when sitting up.

It turned out way better than I expected, and I’m so happy with it. For the hydraulic, it does take quite a lot of effort for the initial lift, but I’m hoping it will become more seasoned.

As for my mattress, I got the Original Woosa Mattress. It regulates temperature which keeps me cool throughout the night, and the mattress has a medium firmness. Something cool about this mattress is that it helps with even weight distribution. It’s super important to invest in a good mattress. You can even try their mattress for 100 days as you can return it if you don’t love it.

Cost & Space Saving Tip: Get a storage bed frame so you can store more things underneath.

My ceiling light cum fan is the Bestar one in a smaller size from Forty Two! I really love it because I can control my lights with a remote so I don’t have to stand up and walk to the switch. There is also a small warm light installed to cast on my wardrobe.

Cost & Space Saving Tip: Choose a ceiling fan cum light.

My bedside tables are the Fred Side Table with Drawer from Scanteak. Their teak is really solid and I love it for the way I can store things in the gap as well as in the drawer. It also isn’t too long in width so I can fit one each on both sides of my bed.

  • Things to look out for: Don’t forget that there’s going to be an aircon piping that runs across your room, so plan for it properly.
    My aircon piping was build along the sides of my bed, so that the wall facing my bed would be left empty. This is so that in the future, I could have a projector or a TV built there.
  • Things to look out for: Build the aircon in a way that it blows length wise for better ventilation.

This is the other side of my room!

For my study table and chairs, I got the Zia Writing Desk in 120cm and Seattle Dining Chair from IUIGA. It’s a matching set and I love the colours and grains of the wood. It’s also sturdy and a practical size for me to do my work on. However, I do wish I got the 140cm one because now it doesn’t align with the build-in cabinet above my desk.

Study Table & Chair

The cabinet above my desk is built-in carpentry which was built for extra storage. My ID suggested for it to be an open cabinet (meaning without doors) so that the room would not look so heavy. But I still wanted it to be closed so that it would look cleaner. It was also build to custom fit my room’s dimensions, which is another perk of having custom build carpentry, even though it is quite pricey.

My ID also suggested to build in a LED strip light (also from Glowlights) below the cabinet to act as my study light (which helps me save space, since I don’t have to get a standing light). However, I do recommend to get a white-coloured LED light as mine is abit warm.

I also really wanted a standing mirror for my room for me to take mirror selfies/ OOTDs so I picked the Beech Wood Standing Mirror from IUIGA. The wood colour matches everything else too and the quality is sturdy too. I placed a small rack on the left to place my often used bags, and on the right is my Ikea MALM drawer in Oak (I got this long ago) to store the rest of my bottoms.

Lastly, my new vinyl flooring is the EVO Herf in Amsterdam Eggshell from Evorich. I absolutely love the colour. I wanted a warm but lighter shade so that it would be easier to match furniture.

Lamitak (Wardrobe & Cabinet laminates)

Forty Two (Bed Frame, Ceiling Fan/ Light)

Woosa (Mattress)

Scanteak (Bedside Tables)

IUIGA (Study Table & Chair, Standing Mirror)

Ikea (Drawer)

Evorich (Vinyl Flooring)

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