I got a new adjustable bed frame for my parents!

If you have been following me, you would have seen that my home underwent a renovation. You can see our new home here!

Since we were undergoing such a huge change, I thought it was a good time to change up my parent’s mattress and bed frame too. When I told my parents about it, they were reluctant about it because they really wanted to keep their old bed frame and they really liked their previous mattress (which they slept on for 17 years). But not all change is bad because they loooove their new bed so much now, and I wanted to share our review with you!

I got an adjustable bed frame and mattress bundle from Marble Mattress after reading a lot of reviews about it, we have no regrets because it is the dream bed! You can watch a video of all the features here on my Instagram, and read on for more details!

Since they wanted to keep their old bed frame, the adjustable bed frame was perfect because it could just sit on top of it as it was designed to be able to fit into most bed frames. The adjustable bed frame can act as a standalone bed frame too, and they come with 6 extra legs that you can put on or remove to adjust the height of the bed. So, technically there are 2 heights you can choose from. In our case, we didn’t put on the legs so that it just sat above their bed frame.

Left: Inclined the Head/ Neck Area; Right: Inclined the Leg Area

The bed frame comes with a remote that allows you to incline the bed. You can choose to incline the neck/head, back and leg area according to your preferences, and you can save your favourite positions into a shortcut button on the remote. The remote also comes with a ‘flat’ preset that will bring your bed back to its original position conveniently. For an optimal sleeping position, they have a preset called ‘Zero G’ which is a position designed by NASA to relieve pressure points and help alleviate snoring.

Trust me when I say, you never knew you needed an adjustable bed frame until you try it for yourself. It is so comfortable to have your back and legs alleviated, and you can then watch tv, read books or do work on your bed (if you are a workaholic).

Other additional features of the bed frame include 2 USB ports at each side of the bed for charging purposes, as well as lights under the bed! The light only comes in one colour, blue, and it’s more like a night light as it’s not very bright.

The bed frame includes a 30-night risk-free trial if you wanna try it first before committing. They also provide Free Shipping & Returns, and a 5-year warranty. You can find out more about their adjustable bed frame here.

As for the mattress, their mattress is actually made of spring which I was quite surprised about! Most adjustable bed frames can only be used with foam mattresses because it needs to be flexible enough to be bent. As I mentioned above, my parents slept on a spring mattress so they got used to this mattress very easily. The top layer of the mattress is very cooling, and they said it’s very supportive hence very comfortable! Their mattress comes with free shipping, 100-night returns, and 10-year warranty. You can read more about their mattress here.

You can get the bed frame and mattress together like I did as their bundle price was more worth it ($2,799 for Queen size), but you can also get them separately. I have linked the bundle set here if you want to check it out, or you can also visit their website here for more details.

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