I tried a new treatment at Bottom Slim

I ended of 2020 with a session at Bottom Slim, focusing on my problem area, my thighs. I did the Slim Lit treatment, which took a little over one hour in total. Here’s what is in the Slim Lit treatment: E-Matrix – Detoxing (20mins)50K – Break down the inner layer fats, Firming (20mins)Body Vibration Exercise … Continue reading I tried a new treatment at Bottom Slim

Firming up with Bottom Slim

Hello guys! If you have been following my Instagram (@wafflenessa), I have been working with Bottom Slim for awhile now and I've been applying their home care product, the G Boost +, diligently. It is empowered with ginger extract and I apply a thin layer at fatty deposited areas like my thighs, calves and tummy. … Continue reading Firming up with Bottom Slim