One Dim Sum: One Huge Disappointment

This place was recommended by a friend and I also read a lot of good reviews about it before. I have to say, there is a huge contrast with the reviews I read online and the quality of the food I actually had. Honestly, I think Singapore’s Dim Sum is better than the ones here.

The prices here are also fairly cheaper than other Dim Sum restaurants like Tim Ho Wan and Dim Dim Sum, but what you pay here is really what you’ll get.

For those who can’t read Chinese, One Dim Sum might be really hard to spot as they have a huge banner that reads 一點心 (One Dim Sum in Chinese). However, there will be a line of people queueing up outside to enter the fully packed restaurant, which makes it a little easier to spot.

One thing I noticed here? There were many foreigners here. When inside, both the tables on our left and right were from the States.

Our orders were taken when we were queuing outside by filling up the order chit ourselves. We were served hot tea and soon after, our dim sums were being served.

The first disappointment arrived on our table – Siu Mai (Pork Dumplings). How on earth, you might be thinking, can they screw a Siu Mai up? At first glance, you can already tell that the fish roe on top was fake, but I let that matter rest since what I’m paying is what I’m getting right?
I took my first bite of it and I never tasted a siu mai so bland in my life. There were other reviews saying it was moist and delicious, I seriously wondered if I walked into the wrong dim sum shop (but obviously I didn’t). Even my secondary school canteen’s siu mai was better.

Price: HK$25 (4pcs)/ SG$4.50
Heat: 0/5
Taste: 2/5 (because it’s still edible)

The next dish actually made me appreciate the Siu Mai more. The Steamed Minced Beef Ball looked so promising when it landed on our table but the moment I bit into it, I almost wanted to spit it out.
It had a very strong, pungent taste to it probably from the vegetable that just overpowered the whole beef ball. I could hardly taste the beef as the vegetable taste was just too overwhelming for me. It could vary according to different taste buds, but Eugene and I couldn’t bring ourselves to finish it despite being hungry.

Price: HK$17 (3pcs)/ SG$3.10
Heat: 0/5
Taste: 1/5 (because it’s unedible)

Finally, something that I actually didn’t mind eating was their Shuk Mai Jok (Sweet Corn Congee). The texture of the congee was somewhat smooth, with small bits of corn inside. Might be comfort food to some, but I felt that it was quite plain so I had it together with the dim sum.

Price: HK$16/ SG$2.90
Heat: 0/5
Taste: 2.5/5

Though they were rather stingy with the filling in the Char Siu Chan Bao (Baked BBQ Pork Bun), it was still really tasty. Along with the sweet and smooth bun, it’s one of their recommended items there that you can try if you’re there.

Price: HK$17 (3pcs)/ SG$3.10
Heat: 0/5
Taste: 3/5

The skin of the Har Gau (Prawn Dumplings) had a very sticky texture and was very thick, making it really chewy and hard to bite. It was quite a pity as the prawns were actually juicy and pleasant, but the skin wrapping it was just too thick and lowered the standard of the dim sum.

Price: HK$26 (4pcs)/ SG$4.80
Heat: 0/5
Taste: 3/5

We felt that this place was a really huge let down, and to whoever who’s planning on going there, you might want to think twice. There are many other places to eat in Hong Kong that might give you a better experience than this place will, but then again this is our POV.

Hong Kong, Prince Edward, Playing Field Rd, 15號號 號 地舖 1-2 號 Kenwood Mansion

How to get here?
Prince Edward Exit A (2-minute walk)

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri: 11am – 12.30am
Sat to Sun: 10am – 12.30am

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