Ocean Park Hong Kong: Some tips you should know

This park is so huge as it has 2 islands – The Waterfront and The Summit. This is the map of the whole park and trust me, you can finish this in a day.

Tip 1: Buy your tickets and a meal coupon from Klook

This is not sponsored at all. It is literally so much more convenient to buy them in advance from Klook. This will save you a little bit of time, but there will still be a really long queue (about >30 min) just to enter the park. At the entrance, just present to them the mobile voucher and you’re in! Did I also mention the tickets are cheaper on Klook? Klook sells them for $64, and you can even choose an option for a free shuttle bus to Ocean Park.

Also, Klook has an option for you to top up $10 for a main and drink at the Food Kiosks in Ocean Park. This will save you a lot of money as the prices of the food there range from SG$20 to SG$30 and if you think the MacDonald’s inside might be a cheaper option, it’s not.

Eugene and I got 1 coupon each so we decided to try 2 places – Chan’s Noodle and Golden Fried Chicken.

Chan’s Noodle is just next to the cable car entrance at The Waterfront but this was honestly a waste of our coupon.



Firstly, we couldn’t even choose what to have from the menu. We were given a bowl of Thick Rice Vermicelli (Chu Mi Fen) containing 2 chicken wings, 2 fish balls, and radish. The noodles were bland and I think $10 for this wasn’t worth it at all. They gave us a bottle of orange juice that wasn’t even cold, despite the fact that they had a fridge full of drinks (I found out because I got another Ice Lemon Tea and she took it out of the fridge below).

Golden Fried Chicken was so much better and we actually liked it a lot. It is located at The Summit, in Marine World.

This time, we got to choose from 2 pieces of chicken or baked rice and we chose the chicken to share. The chicken was really moist and we just loved the seasoning and crispiness of the skin. Though the fries were quite blend, they did provide salt and pepper. Also, it came with a huge cup of iced soda, similar to a Large cup in Singapore’s Macs.

Tip 2: Take a cable car straight to The Summit once you enter

When you enter, you’ll be at The Waterfront part of the island. There are 2 ways to go to The Summit which is by their Ocean Express – cable car or underground train. There are signs that will lead you to both the Ocean Express so you won’t get lost.

The moment we reached Ocean Park, we took the cable car across to The Summit because that’s where all the exciting rides and attractions were. When we reached the cable car, there was already a short queue and we waited about 10 minutes for our turn. Eugene & I were so lucky to have a cable car to ourselves because the family behind us didn’t want to share a cabin with us.

We got a really gorgeous view of the island and the sea. We really recommend taking the cable car when you’re there because the view is just breathtaking.



Tip 3: Take all the rides first, and see the animals later

The order of places we went was Thrill Mountain > Polar Adventure> Adventure Land > Marine World > Rainforest.

We saved a whole lot of time going in this order and the longest we ever queued for a ride was 5 minutes.

Read what rides and attractions are worth the time and those that are not here: Ocean Park Hong Kong: Attractions and Rides

Tip 4: If you want to experience both Ocean Express, take the underground train back

The underground train is located next to Thrill Mountain. It’s supposed to take on the concept of a submarine.

Of course, since it’s underground, there will be no view to look at. On the inner ceiling of the train, there will just be interchanging videos of sceneries.

Here’s a time lapse of what happens inside.



That sums up all the tips I have for Ocean Park! Eugene and I really enjoyed our time there and we hope you guys will too.

Ocean Park, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Website: https://www.oceanpark.com.hk/en

How to get there?
Ocean Park is located right outside Ocean Park MTR, on the South Island Line (the light green line)

Opening Hours: 10.00am – 7.00pm


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