Chuan Grill & Noodle Bar @ Clark Quay: Serving grilled items and the most comforting noodles

Chuan Grill & Noodle Bar opened its doors 3 to 4 months back to the diners along Clark Quay. This shop is open till 4.30am in the morning so you can head there for dinner, or even a late night supper with your friends.


Authentic Sichuan Noodle

The noodles served here have huge portions and I do recommend them for sharing so you can try out the grilled items too. What was really interesting about the noodles here was that you could mix and match any type of broth to the noodle dish you order – Braised Beef Soup, Pork Bone Soup or Dry. The pork bone soup was my preferred choice as it stuck out the most with its rich flavours and it was so balanced compared to the braised beef soup that was a little too salty for my liking.

You can then choose your level of spiciness – Non-spicy, Mala or Extra Mala. For both the noodles we ordered, we got the non-spicy option and really enjoyed it on its own.

For the noodles, it was really smooth and I was just slurping them down as they were so easy to eat. They weren’t heavy too so it was just so hearty having this with a bowl of soup.

First up, the Signature Beef Combination Noodle served had 3 types of beef in it – Ribeye, Tendon and Shank. We got this with the braised beef soup which was more of a clear and light soup. The portions of beef were really generous and they were all really tender.

Price: $16.50 (additional noodle $1)
Taste: 3.5/5
Heat: 0/5

Our winner was the Pork Rib Noodle. The pork cubes were huge and just cooked perfectly, plus the flavours were on point. I really enjoyed this with the pork bone soup like I honestly recommend you to get this broth with any noodles you order.

Price: $12.50 (additional noodle $1)
Taste: 4.5/5
Heat: 0/5

Authentic Sichuan Grill Skewer

Something great about the skewers they serve here is that they are grilled only upon order which means freshness guaranteed! It also means it might take slightly longer to cook so the waiting time is about 10-15 minutes.

Also, all the grilled items typically had the same flavour to them as they use the same marinade. However, you can choose to have them non-spicy or spicy, which was great. We ordered ours all non-spicy but for those who can’t take spicy like me, the marinade was still a little spicy like a 0.5/5, but super bearable.

The cooked skewers will be placed on a heating machine in front of you to keep your grills hot which I really appreciate because I’m a slow eater. However, do make sure to flip them from time to time to prevent them from cooking further or even burning.

Here are some of the skewers we tried:

The Grilled Meat options they have here are grilled mutton, beef, chicken and pork. We got the Grilled Beef ($1.20), Premium Beef (Oyster Blade) ($1.60), Beef w/ Garlic ($1.50), Pork Belly ($1.30), Pork Belly w/ Garlic ($1.50), Pork Collar ($1.80) and Pork Collar w/ Garlic ($2). The beef were generally tougher compared to the pork, but of a different texture. We enjoyed the pork a lot as they were really grilled till tender and were still juicy. If you want a more value for money option, I would recommend getting them without the garlic (aka the normal options) but if you are a fan of garlic, then go for it!lrg_dsc07474

Some of the seafood options we tried were the Grilled Prawn ($2) and Scallop ($5.90). I would say that the marinade compliments the meat options better but then again, taste might defer so you might really like the seafood! The scallop skewers were rather mini in size (super cute) and not as aggressively seasoned as the meat so you could still taste its natural flavours.
To my surprise, even the Taiwan Sausage ($1.90) and Bacon w/ Enoki Mushroom ($3) had the same marinade on them. Then again, it didn’t compliment the flavours as well as the meat but they were still really good skewers like what can go wrong with bacon?

The Whole Piece Sweetcorn though, worked surprisingly well with the Sichuan marinade. It spiced the corn up a little besides its usual sweet nature. A must-try!lrg_dsc07490Price: $3.90
Taste: 3.5/5
Heat: 0.5/5

The Honey Chicken Mid-Wings also had the same rub on it and I couldn’t really taste the honey in it as the marinade was stronger in flavour.lrg_dsc07499
Price: $3.90/3pcs
Taste: 3/5
Heat: 0.5/5

The mountain of garlic on the Premium Half-Shell Scallop just brought the flavours of this dish to a whole new level. They were well seasoned and just a delight to eat.
Price: $9.90/3pcs
Taste: 3.5/5
Heat: 0/5

Another speciality at Chuan Grill & Noodle Bar was the Leaf Lettuce (spicy). It was cooked until soft and it soaked up all the juices from the spicy rub on it. Really packed a punch!lrg_dsc07503
Price: $4.80
Taste: 3/5
Heat: 4/5

Though this was in the main grill menu, I strongly highly super recommend you to try the Purple Sweet Potato Slices. It was literally my favourite thing with its sweet marinate and sesame seed sprinkle. And no, thank goodness, they don’t have the savoury marinade on this. When eaten hot, this is just the most addictive thing ever. Only thing I would change is for them to be thicker slices.
Price: $2.20
Taste: 5/5
Heat: 0/5

3B River Valley Road
Singapore 179021


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