Looking for engagement and wedding rings during this Circuit Breaker period? Check out this store from Australia that even provides customisable services

How has this circuit breaker period been for everyone? It has definitely affected our daily lives and it’s ‘arrival’ has prevented many couples from getting engaged or married. Well but great news, Singapore did just pass a law to allow virtual marriage solemnisations. The virus may be putting a pause on our lives, but you don’t have to wait if you are planning to propose to your loved ones.

From engagement rings to wedding rings, you can shop on Sydney-based fine jewellery maker, Temple & Grace. Their website carries many varieties of rings like diamond, classic, stackables, eternity and carved for both men and women. Find elegant men’s wedding rings here or women’s wedding rings here.

You can also rest assured about returns or exchanges as they’ll gladly offer you an exchange or a refund if you return the piece of jewellery in its original packaging within 15 days of purchase. For customised jewellery, they offer a 85% refund.

Website: https://www.templeandgrace.sg/
Instagram: @templeandgrace

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