Victoria Peak: 5 tips to fully maximise your trip here

During our 3rd day in Hong Kong, we had to do the touristy thing and go up to Victoria Peak.

Like we always do, we wanted the full experience of going up the hill. Hence, we had it all planned – we would take Bus 15 that takes 32 minutes to the Peak Bus Terminus, then walk a short distance to the Victoria Peak. From there, we would book a one-way The Peak Tram ticket from Klook back down to the bottom.

We did not regret taking the bus because we got a really good view of the city!

TIP #1: Take a bus up. That way you can really see the view going up the hill and even see the houses on the hill. Plus, it’s way cheaper than taking the Tram up.

However, only after reaching the Peak, we checked and Klook’s one-way ticket was only to go up. We panicked a little because we really wanted to take the Peak Tram. We went to check out the ticket booth, and found out we could just use our Octopus Card to tap in and take the tram down! Plus, it was cheaper than paying for the 2-way tram ticket on Klook. It was HK$32 (SG$5.80) but Klook’s 2-way tram ticket was SG$17.

TIP #2: Take the Peak Tram down ‘a la carte’. Even though it is more expensive than the bus (duh), it is faster and you also get the experience of going down via the tram.

Back to our journey, unfortunately, we took the bus at a peak hour (pun not intended) as it was after office hours. As a result, we stood most of our journey but I got a front row ‘stand’ where I got to see Hong Kong’s city and nature.

We were further blessed as when the bus was going in circles up the hill, sunset was happening! I was so thrilled because who doesn’t love watching sunsets? As we got off the bus, we managed to also get some photos at the top with sunset at the back.

TIP #3: Reach the Peak at around 6pm to watch the sunset.

From our drop off point, it was approximately a 5-minute walk to the main part of Victoria Peak. There’s a mall up there called The Peak Galleria and right on top is the Sky Terrace 428, where many tourists go up there to be at the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong. BUT, Eugene and I decided not to pay HK$50 (SG$9.10) because we found an alternative (and free) place to view the city.

TIP #4: Going up the Sky Terrace 428 really isn’t necessary. Why? Honestly, when you’re that high up, being a little higher or lower doesn’t make a difference because you’ll still see the same things. Plus, there’s nothing much to do in the Sky Terrace except walk around that fixed area.

Where we stood, there were also many others enjoying the view plus, it’s literally on the right hand side of the Sky Terrace 428 (a 2-minute walk). You’ll know how to go there because there’s usually a crowd there and people walking back and forth.

We just stood there and admired the view until the sunset. There isn’t much to do at The Peak, except for looking at the view or shopping and eating in the mall (which you can expect will be really overpriced). That being the case, Eugene and I left to take The Peak Tram down.

It was a pretty cool experience, except that even though you pay a ticket (HK$50/SG$9.10) to take the tram, it doesn’t guarantee you a seat. If it’s really packed, you might have to stand up which will be very uncomfortable because the tram ride is really steep.

TIP #5: Make sure you sit on the left side of the tram (when going down) because that’s where the view of the city is going to be. On the right, it’s just a blank wall all the way, with occasional views of people’s houses.


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