5 Things to Do at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

One of our favourite MTR destinations as there were so many things to do here, that we came back here a few times.

1) Dim Dim Sum


This dim sum place was literally one of the best dim sums we had at such affordable prices. Dim Dim Sum might be hard to spot, but it’s worth the search for. We ordered the above 5 dishes, namely Siu Mai (HK$29/ 4pc), Steamed Spare Ribs with Pumpkin (HK$20), Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf Wrap (HK$26), Piggy Custard Buns (HK$22/ 3pcs) and the Crispy Rice Flour Rolls with Shrimp (HK$31/ 2 rolls). Read about the dishes and standouts here.

How to get here?
Causeway Bay Exit F2 (8-minute walk)
Wan Chai MTR (11-minute walk)

2) Ichiran Ramen

A ramen restaurant that allows you to customise your ramen from scratch – starting from the broth to the noodles. Once you enter, you will be seated in individual booths and you will be facing the kitchen. The service here was really efficient and our orders came within minutes after ordering.

The broth was so fragrant and I liked mine with a medium flavour strength and richness (oiliness). The ramen noodles were thin and slender, and I had mine with a medium texture too. Everything in this bowl was just delectable, but was it worth HK$89 (SG$16) and a 1-hour wait for? Read more about what I felt about the place here.

How to get here?
Causeway Bay Exit D4 (5-minute walk)

3) Times Square

A huge shopping mall situated in Causeway Bay, this mall has almost 15 levels of luxury brands, eats and a cinema located at level 13. I loved how the escalator that went up to the second level was curved, cheap thrills!

Times Square has a similar vibe to Ion Orchard Singapore, carrying luxury brands like Tory Burch, Guess, Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, Furla and sports brands like Adidas Originals, Nike, Skechers, Vans and Fila.

There are also many cafes to take a break from your shopping like agnes b. cafe, Haagen-Dazs, Starbucks, Joe & the Juice and Llao Llao. You can even have dinner here at restaurants like Crystal Jade, Lei Garden or Mad for Garlic.

One thing we loved about this place? It wasn’t bustling. It had a nice and quiet atmosphere, which was great for shopping.

How to get here?
Causeway Bay Exit A (2-minute walk)

4) Hysan Place

A very photogenic shopping mall, Hysan Place has a more lively vibe to it, quite similar to Singapore’s 313@Somerset in terms of crowd and size. It is also literally above the MTR Station, how convenient is that?

It carries brands we don’t usually see in Singapore like Lululemon Athletica and Gap. However, they have an interesting way of arranging their shops whereby almost all the dining areas are on the top floors.

Also, connected to Hysan Place is an Apple Store.

How to get here?
Causeway Bay Exit F1 (2-minute walk)

5) Jardine’s Cresent Street Market

Literally just outside Hysan Place is the Jardine’s Cresent street market. Even we didn’t know we were at one of Hong Kong’s popular street markets until afterwards when we were searching for street markets to go to. This street market mainly sold clothes, socks, umbrellas and cute hair ties. Towards the end of this market, there were locals selling groceries like vegetables. We visited this place in the morning at around 11am and some shops still weren’t open, so we recommend you to visit this place during the afternoon and onwards.

How to get here?
Causeway Bay Exit F1 (2-minute walk)

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